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Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a short, powerful play inspired by and using poetry of the first world war. Written and performed by New Company’s artistic director, Simon de Deney and directed by David Banks, it takes a refreshing and surprising look at the life of an ordinary soldier in the Great War.

It features poetry by Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Richard Adlington, Rupert Brooke among others.

It has had five runs at the Ophelia Theatre, Dalston, at the War Memorial, Abney Park Cemetery, at the Hostry Festival , Norwich, the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park and at at St Barnabas Church, Southfields, London.

The Recruiting Hall tour

Between the Lines is just starting a pilot project playing in community centres – the places where 100 years ago young men joined up. The aim is to tour the play nationally in 2018, the centenary of the last year of the Great War.

Click image below for a PDF of the brochure for theatres interested in producing Between the Lines:

Short clips of audience's response in community centres