Late Fragment
Matthew escapes from the World Trade Centre attacks to offers of cake from his wife and cheese baskets from a grateful nation. The media want him to be a hero, his wife wants him to pay the mortgage. But something strange is happening to Matthew’s body. And nobody wants to understand.

Francine Volpe’s Late Fragment is a dark, comic exploration of the personal aftershocks of one of the defining events of the twenty-first century.
Kelli Kerslake and Alex Zorbas in Late Fragment
“Francine Volpe is a native New Yorker, and her play fizzes with the edgy, fractured dialogue we associate with that city – and the theatre that comes from it. With its stylish set, Simon de Deney’s production for New Company plays firmly to our expectations. Alex Zorbas and Kelli Kerslake give strong performances as Matthew and Martha, and Louis Lourens’s Dorian is charmingly repellent...”
-- Time Out

“Simon de Deney’s atging grips like a malign hallucination. Unexpectedly well worth a look.”
-- Daily Telegraph