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We offer you two ways to help make your training stick:
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Your current training programmes with added zest…
We’ll look at your existing training. An accountant would call it an audit. We call it ‘3D Vision’. At the end we’ll give you a clear, simple proposal on how we can help inject extra life into your existing programmes and workshops.
…and new skills that stay stuck
People call the skills below, ‘soft skills’. As in ‘soft and fluffy’. We think of them as hard skills. Or tough skills. They’re hard because they make a real and tangible difference to our work performance. They’re tough because some people can be embarrassed to admit they don’t have them naturally. However we know that these skills can be taught and learnt  to give you the edge in your job.

The courses we find have most value are:
4PowerWrite - write more clearly, excitingly and persuasively
4StoryWorks - Telling stories – the magic bullet for your messages?
4Communicate - Why the ?&#$ do I need to communicate better?
4PresentPerfect - Are leaders born not made?
4GetPresence - “Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
4MediaMaster - riding the tiger
4Executive Coach - one to one that’s fun

You can choose a course off the shelf. Or talk to us about what you’d like to achieve. We’ll develop a set of ideas that will focus on key skills and make sure you achieve the utmost value for money.